Day 14: Project Homeless Connect Partnership Event in the Sunset

Today we had a partnership event with Project Homeless Connect in the Outer Sunset on 48th avenue! Executive Director, Zac Clark, along with Vishnu Prasad and Max Hurley from our videography team. We served five unhoused friends in this area, as the Outer Sunset has a relatively small unhoused population. Nonetheless, it was great to reach an entirely new group.

This is one of three partnership events that we are doing with Project Homeless Connect. We will be at their Richmond pop-up next Friday, October 21st on 7th and Geary giving out around 10 Makeshift Travelers. In early December, we will be at their location off of Franklin Street serving their frequent unhoused guests, giving away between 20-25 Makeshift Travelers. We are thankful for the partnership between Project Homeless Connect and The HomeMore Project!


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