Day 13: Meeting Perry, Former Italian Chef and Construction Worker

I was walking through an encampment today and saw Perry walking by; I said, “excuse me,” and before I could finish my sentence, he said, “oh, I am sorry I was just throwing this away.” I then introduced myself and our Makeshift Traveler as we talked about the lack of compassion toward the homeless in San Francisco. That was evident as his first reaction when I said “excuse me” was to apologize for doing nothing wrong. This instance brings to light a self-reflection regarding how we interact with and treat our unhoused neighbors.

Previously, Perry was all the way from Maine. Once a traveler and camper, when Perry could not afford stable housing, Perry utilized these camping skills when experiencing homelessness. Perry is a handyman and has done numerous construction jobs throughout his life. Not to mention, he was once an Italian chef and loved cooking up good Italian cuisine. He said, “I love all of the different pans and fire and aromas,” as he’s envisioning himself in the kitchen. It’s the simple pleasures!

He was very appreciative of receiving a Makeshift Traveler and shared with me that his phone had just been stolen earlier that day. He said, “I am never taking this off.” 

Perry is currently a part of the Navigation Center as he hopes to receive permanent housing in the near future. If you want to help Perry, we are still in contact with him; click the button below and write a comment, “Perry.” 

I noticed that Perry and I were wearing Giants caps, so I asked if we could capture a selfie. We look forward to staying in contact with Perry and tracking his progress. 

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