Day 12: Meeting Robert, Former Church Food Pantry Director

This afternoon I met Robert who has been in San Francisco for 26 years working at various Church functions in San Francisco. Most notably, he organized the weekly Food Pantries that took place at the various churches. Another example of an individual who was on the front end of a social cause, who then fell to the other side. This was a common occurence that I had not expected to hear so often.

Robert had just gotten his tent stolen, to which he was very grateful to receive a Makeshift Traveler as a form of aid. One of the most fascinating things I learned from Robert was that had had a subsidized hotel room that the city was allowing him to stay in. When clarifying that he would rather stay in a tent on the street than the subsidized hotel room, he mentioned, “you mean the [negative analogy that I cannot state]? Oh yes, I only go to that shelter once every two days to shower because if you don’t sign in after 48 hours, they give your room to someone else.” This is not an anomaly either, majority of the unhoused friends that I have made communicated the same; they would rather stay in a tent than shelters, hotels, etc., because shelters and hotels are restricting and uncomfortable.

Robert was very vocal about his religious beliefs, involvement, and optimism which was good to hear that he is consistently involved with something. We are still in touch with Robert, and he would greatly appreciate a contribution to help him alleviate the challenges on homelessness. If interested in supporting Robert, please click the button below and write in the comments, “Robert.”

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