Charging Up before Distribution Tomorrow!

It seemed weird that the delay in Distributing our Makeshift Travelers was due to some issues with our solar panels. Furthermore, this caused a delay in receiving them from our suppliers, and in essence, we were waiting on solar panels to deliver our Makeshift Travelers. However, after spending the past week connecting with individuals who will be the first recipients, the feature that excites nearly everyone the most is the solar panel and its ability to charge regardless of where they are in the city.

Therefore, we figured that we would put the first few units out in the sun to allow them to get charged up before they enter the hands of those who need them the most.

At times it seemed as if tomorrow would never arrive, but now more than ever, I am convinced that we will begin delivering our Makeshift Travelers and start changing lives.

We are incredibly excited to share the outcomes of our Distribution Launch, which is happening tomorrow! Stay tuned because this will be a long and heartfelt journey. Let’s go!

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