CA Governor’s Tiny-Home Expansion Postponed

By Rachel Lampert

California is constantly looking for areas to grow. Governor Gavin Newsom’s plan to branch out
has been dealing with some trouble. Newsom has been a long-time supporter of finding outreach
and resources that could better ensure the community. Last year in March of 2023, (West Coast
stations and Q.E.D.) – Vanessa Rancaño and Sydney Johnson wrote. “Newsom’s latest push to
address the state’s sprawling homelessness crisis also will provide nearly $1 billion to California
cities to help them address unsheltered homelessness and encampments.” Aside from this, he
planned to have a total of 1,200 homes that are on the smaller side. They are designed to house
those dealing with being unhoused all over California.

Currently, only approximately 150 homes have been purchased, but as of right now, not one
single person has moved in. People now in the following year of 2024 are feeling tired and
frustrated with the recent situation. Irontown Modular’s General Manager – Kam Valgardson one
of the six vendors supplying these homes says, “The big problem is that the homeless people
aren’t getting served,”. “I can complain as a business, but these homeless people are getting no
support, no relief. The money’s been promised, but something’s broken in the process, and
nobody’s placing orders.”

These delays have continued to be ongoing and there is still work to be done. If you are
interested in learning more contact Calmatters you could email them at or
dial (916)-502-9986.

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