Avoiding Homelessness? Here Are Some Tips!

The topic of homelessness can be very tough for individuals, especially those who are on the cusp of it. Once facing it, it is hard to get out of that situation. Homelessness has always been an ongoing issue not just in the United States but all around the world. There are certain tricks and tips that you can do to avoid it, become more financially stable, and keep yourself on track!

The verge of homelessness is a very frightening and intimidating concept, but there is plenty of support out there. For starters, there are foundations that can give you the support you need. Many emergency shelters can provide a roof over one’s head, along with other necessities like food and water. But, sometimes it isn’t that easy. Not everyone feels comfortable enough to ask for help or share their struggle, which can start a dangerous cycle. There are things you can do without having to ask for help!

You can reach out to many resources and shelters to ask for advice or help and remain anonymous. This can also be more personalized to an individual’s situation. Some of these resources offer to help pay rent or bills to get you out of the financial hole you could potentially end up in deeper. The resources are there to provide assistance, support and service. There are plenty of hotlines out there to be of help. A hotline for the homeless in San Francisco is (415) 852-5300.

Another tip that can be used to get an individual away from the verge of homelessness is by keeping a stable income. Although the job market can be very difficult, finding stable income wherever you can is essential  in paying bills. While working, one is able to get money and can start to learn how to spend correctly and even put some aside to begin saving up. 

If you are unable to find employment, there are ways that you can get public assistance. Public assistance gives help in many different aspects of where it might be needed. For example: Supplemental Security Income, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, General Assistance, and more. These programs allow for assistance when it comes to necessities that the homelessness might be short of: money, food, etc.

When struggling with money and avoiding homelessness, there can be ways to save money. One thing that you can do is go to churches or faith-based organizations. There are lots of resources that will give individuals food for free or utilize coupons. This can help one spend less money on necessities and save. You can also save money in other ways like selling certain things you have in your possession. 

Cutting down expenses can add up and help solve the issue of potentially becoming homeless. This can start by saving money in areas you can: minutes for the phone (or cut down to one phone), not turning on lights at all, reducing the amount of water being used, coupons, etc.

Throughout this article, there are many steps that can be used to help oneself when on the brink of homelessness. Every little thing that is brought to an individual’s awareness can go a long way and help avoid becoming completely homeless. Little things go a long way, start now!


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