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Our Makeshift Traveler program is honored to announce two noteworthy

As of today, our Makeshift Travelers are on their way

Our Makeshift Traveler program is excited to announce two noteworthy

As we reflect on the incredible journey of 2023, we

Want to learn more about the Makeshift Traveler recipients, check out their journey.


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At the heart of all our initiatives lies innovation, creativity, and a profound commitment to uniting communities. Over the past few years, we’ve poured our energy into crafting the Makeshift Traveler — a backpack specifically designed to address the specific needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. Your invaluable support not only provides immediate relief but also becomes a bridge, allowing us to create connections with those who share our vision for a brighter future through Our Transitional Housing Program.

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Makeshift Traveler Application

One of The HomeMore Project’s team members will follow up within 1-2 days to schedule a delivery day and time if you qualify for a Makeshift Traveler.