The HomeMore Project is a nonprofit organization 
dedicated to providing the Makeshift Traveler to those 
experiencing unsheltered homelessness in California.

Every donation contributes to providing a Makeshift Traveler to someone in need.

Get involved

We are passionate about providing opportunities to get involved in our organization and make a difference in the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness throughout California. With your help, we can reach our goals and change lives.

Experiencing homelessness?

The Makeshift Traveler not only provides people experiencing homelessness with immediate aid, but it assists our organization in building relationships with individuals interested in our long-term vision regarding our future Transitional Housing Program.

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At the heart of all our initiatives lies innovation, creativity, and a profound commitment to uniting communities. Over the past few years, we’ve poured our energy into crafting the Makeshift Traveler — a backpack specifically designed to address the specific needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. Your invaluable support not only provides immediate relief but also becomes a bridge, allowing us to create connections with those who share our vision for a brighter future through our Transitional Housing Program.


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